Anonymous said: isn't Korra the most annoying girl ever ?

Actually I think she’s a pretty typical teenager. However, that doesn’t mean I enjoy watching her go through typical irritating teenage bullshit. I haven’t given up on the story, though. It’s just really, REALLY realistic right now in terms of her being a brat. Maybe things are gonna go to a really dark place and she’ll learn something (I hope). 

But honestly I just want Lin Beifong and Jinora all the time, basically. 

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Anonymous said: do you still read everlark fanfic ?


In fact, I don’t really read any fanfic right now. 

Anonymous said: Yes, I like the song. I love Gale and I do feel bad for him a lot f the time. It doesn't mean Katniss has to return his feelings, or anything, I just feel bad for him. That said, I adore Peeta too, and I want more Everlark, more Haymitch, more Johanna, more everything, not just Gale. So I love this character, but not LG promotion. And Gale would disapprove about his promotion, too.


Anonymous said: alright, random question but here goes. I recently started watching a new tv show (i.e. began last week, already down 4 seasons) and I want to explore this show on the interwebz without necessarily spoiler-ing the rest of the series. I thought maybe you'd know what to do, seeing as you just watched fmab? Should I just wait till I finish watching... (though I never want to finish watching because then I will have to experience that heart breaking emotion that comes with... finishing) or..? :/

Well, this is hard, because, when I watch a show, I literally do nothing else. Like, nothing. I watch the show. I eat, I suppose, and sort of do work, but not really. I shotgunned FMAB in pretty much a weekend. Then I watched it again. I only really explored the fandom during that second watching. 

Because people are horrible at spoilers. Not even intentionally. For shows like Breaking Bad, which are going on now, they might even be okay and make an effort. But using FMAB as an example, the show has been over for years, people just reblog things assuming everyone knows what’s going on. So if it’s a more established show, if it were me, I would inhale it, and then explore the internet on further watchings. Of which there are almost always at least two.

But I REALLY hate spoilers, and I have this ability/curse/whatever to figure a lot out from a very little, so it’s more of a personal choice. If you are the sort that reads the last page of a book before you finish, you might be totally cool with it.  

Anonymous said: I SHIP YOU AND HIM


Anonymous said: I will protect you, my feeble turtle duck.


Anonymous said: do you like the pip stories so far ? I do. Yours was fabulous

Unfortunately I have had absolutely no time to sit down and read anything this week. I barely finished my own story, and I’ve been on campus for twelve hour days ever since (answering a fuckton of asks, apparently). But I have no doubt that they’re phenomenal stories, as usual. And thank you! 

Anonymous said: "So, shout out to everlarkrecs for keeping things from being terrible in the everlark fandom." how did she kept things from being terrible ? just curious

Because man, we’d never be able to find anything worth reading if it wasn’t for her. 

Anonymous said: You are not weak, we just like a character that not everyone loves and it hurts to read some things about Gale. But the thing it's to be respectful because this fandom actually have a lot of great writers, that portray Gale in amazing ways, even if they don't like him and that's so cool.You are my favorite writer, btw.

Well thanks, anon! 

Like I said, I don’t really read much everlark fic anymore, but you are right, the talent in this fandom is phenomenal. I know, because if you go anywhere else looking for things that are equally good… well you are going to spend a lot of time slagging in misery.

So, shout out to everlarkrecs for keeping things from being terrible in the everlark fandom. 

Anonymous said: Do you also watch/read One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach?

Nope. FMA and SNK take up pretty much all of my emotional fangirling space right now. There are other things I might eventually watch (although none of the things you mentioned were on the list) but holy god I don’t think I’m ready.